Our case studies

What is TouchBank?

Explainer for mobile banking about the benefits of the application. What does it have to do with artificial intelligence and Apollo's bust? We found a connection.

Presentation of KORUS Retail Intelligence

A young entrepreneur is trying to establish the infrastructure of his shop, following the advice of aquarium cancer.

Installation «Professions of the future»

Who you considered yourself to be when you were a child? Learn how popular professions have changed and will change with the advent of new technologies.

ID Finance company presentation

ID Finance is a leader in the online lending market in Russia. But what is the company like from the inside?

Gazprom Neft RS — Online marketplace

Service "Online Marketplace " from the company "Gazprom Neft" allows you to buy fuel with the ability to reserve it for a few days.

iTrue — blockchain platform

iTrue is a blockchain platform with a built-in retina and other biometrics recognition system. Combining the advantages of blockchain and database, the system allows you to create reliable and scalable services.

Gazprom Neft — Safety minute

For the company «Gazprom Neft» safety of visitors above all, so all guests before visiting offer to be instructed.

Rosatom — search of damaged cells

Rosatom introduced a new technology to identify damaged cells in the human body.

Moscow Exchange — Marketplace

The Moscow exchange marketplace is an ecosystem for private investors with a wide range of banking and non-banking financial products, training and market expertise. To highlight the possibilities of the system, we have created a series of video-prerolls for Youtube.

IBS — HR Analytics system

Thanks to IBS HR Analytics, large amounts of employee data no longer accumulate aimlessly on the HR specialist's Desk, but help to benefit.

Results of the Coca-Cola Seis study

Coca-Cola conducted a study on its impact on the development of the Russian Federation and presented the results. Are you ready to see them?

Promo video of Invest Trial 2018

You can always look at 3 things: fire, water, and as the world of Mad max blends with the style of the Throne in the video for “Moscow exchange”.

Video about bar-olympics «Mozgva»

If you still think that the game of erudition is not for you, try "Mozgva", it will change your mind.

Blockchain platform presentation

Thanks to the Baex platform, ads in mobile applications can be shown only to those for whom it will be one hundred percent relevant. How does it work?

Card «Sinitsa»

TouchBank clearly knows that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, so it presented the card of the same name.

Video about the service «Virtual columbarium»

iColumbarium — the service that provides a virtual columbarium. It's cheaper than the usual columbarium, ethical and safe.

Working with engagement

Employee engagement is the most important indicator of the company's team. Ren is working to ensure that it is always high.

Presentation of «Unight Dashboard»

The company Unight figured out how to attract new customers to the owners of bars and restaurants cheaply and effectively. All you need is...

Presentation of the launch of the drink «Heineken 00»

3...2...1...Launch! We sent a bottle of new non-alcoholic beer «Heineken 00» into space. Look how that turned out.

Gazprom Neft — instruction «Personal account»

Instructions for using the service "Personal account"

Video about the drug called «Allerway»

If you are also tired of suffering from allergies all spring, Allerway offers a new drug. But how much better is it?

Gazprom Neft — Key projects of 2017

What the company "Gazprom Neft - regional sales" were doing in 2017? How many tons of fuel sold? How many gas stations have lured to its brand? This and much more — in the reporting video.

Invitation to the event of the «Give life» Foundation

How many cups of tea do you drink per day? 3, 5, 10? Did you know that one is enough to give life?

Presentation of the Fund "I hear you"

What if the child has serious hearing problems? Every parent experiences it in their own way. But for all, there is the project called «I hear you».

VR-video about Telsartan for the exhibition

All visitors to the stand of the company Dr.Reddy's we sent into space on the planet Telsartan.

Presentation of IBS product "HRO"

IBS has created the largest HR service center in Eastern Europe. How does it work? Details in the video.

VR tour to the center of HR services IBS

IBS used to take customers to Penza to show how their HR center works. Now they come to clients with VR goggles and conduct an excursion directly at the meeting.

Jet Infosystems

The company "Jet Infosystems" has implemented a project to build a Datacenter at the Cherkizovo plant and faced serious challenges. How was it? Watch the video.

Currency exchange on the «Moscow exchange»

The Moscow exchange marketplace is an ecosystem for private investors with a wide range of banking and non-banking financial products, training and market expertise.

GISP — presentation of the information system

Our shooting video for the Ministry of industry and trade, in which we also integrated realistic 3D graphics.

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