What is TouchBank?

Finance Explainer
Touch Bank card includes current account, deposits in different currencies, credit line and bonus program. Often Bank customers order cards, but do not use all the features of the application, because they do not know about them or do not understand how they work. After ordering the card, a courier arrives to the client. While he is making the contract, the client has a couple of minutes to watch the video and learn about the application and its functions.


Show what problems the app solves and how easy it is to use.

Concept and solution

When developing the concept, we took the Bank's logo as the central image.
Visually, it is similar to a circular audio spectrum, equalizer.
This prompted us to the idea to build a narrative on behalf of the virtual assistant of the TouchBank, a kind of analog of Apple’s Siri, Yandex’s Alice or Amazon’s Alexa. A friendly female voice tells about the main features of the online Bank, and then gives answers to the main questions of customers.
An ironic style is used to attract the attention of the audience and simplify perception. On the screen, there is a beard, a palm, eyes and a mouth, as if the application was a Genie from the lamp and talked about the benefits to Aladdin. This creates the feeling that the main character is the viewer, and the application refers to him directly.


Самое важное в работе над таким проектом — понять, как система функционирует. Если это понятно всем членам команды, то придумать визуализацию, которая демонстрирует основную мысль, не составит труда.
В этом проекте мы использовали роботов, как символ точной настройки и плавной работы системы, в которой одновременно происходят сотни операций. Такой подход понятен неподготовленной аудитории.
Также мы изобразили здание, каждый этаж которого символизирует аналитический блок системы. Это тоже помогает идентифицировать процессы.

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