Presentation of KORUS Retail Intelligence — a specialized solution for trading companies developed by KORUS Consulting specialists.

IT Explainer
Corus for retail is a platform based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, designed to establish business processes of retail.


Tell entrepreneurs in the retail sector how the new platform will help them in their work.

Concept and solution

We decided to compare the work of the store Manager with the work of the regulator, who needs to land 50 airplanes simultaneously. Why? Because it is almost impossible to take into account all the variables in the retail processes: the needs of customers, products, prices, supplies, placement of goods, checking the expiration dates, etc. The hero of this video, as well as the audience, and even the carp in the aquarium becomes aware of the need to simplify these processes. Fortunately, cancer, living in the same aquarium, knows about the KORUS system for retail. How is this possible? In fact, it is the employee of KORUS who tells about the platform. He appears at the end of the video, and all the fantastic elements occur in the mind of the store Manager after he accidentally hit his head.
The atmosphere of the video is quite hooligan and cheerful. The video attracts the viewer with an unusual narrative, bright and memorable images, as well as smooth animation and dynamics.

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