iTrue — blockchain platform

IT Explainer
iTrue is a blockchain platform with a built-in retina and other biometrics recognition system. Combining the advantages of blockchain and database, the system allows you to create reliable and scalable services.


Arouse the interest of potential investors in the platform.

Concept and solution

We have depicted a futuristic model of the future, which reflects the revolutionary product of the company. The hero gets into the virtual world of iTrue, where he goes from registration in the system to its full use. In the course of acquaintance with the platform, he, like any beginner, doubts some aspects. Luckily, the robot accompanying him, whose VoiceOver we hear throughout the video, perfectly handles objections and closes all questions.


Unique selling propositions are shown metaphorically. Unwavering storage as Stone Hedge; sandglass which transforms data into tokens over time; White Label in form of its initial value — vinyl record with a white label. Images complement the world created in the video and allow you to visualize the benefits of the system.

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