ID Finance company presentation

Finance Explainer
ID Finance is a fast-growing international company dedicated to data science, credit scoring and digital Finance. The company is a pioneer in financial and technological innovation in emerging markets.


To make a presentation video that would most succinctly reveal the main achievements of the company.

Concept and solution

There were really a lot of achievements, among other indicators: quantity of customers and employees, how many cities it covers, and so on. The deadlines were tight and the video could not be a trivial listing because the company positions itself as innovative, progressive and creative.
We decided to create mini-plots united by one stylistic solution for each significant figure, and show them in one location. Rubik's cube immediately came to mind, because no matter how it twists, it remains a cube, but every time it looks different. Then it was decided to split the cube and present each small cube as a stage with its own unique show. Here you can see monuments from all over the world, and there — clients flying through portals, somewhere fraudsters are caught by artificial intelligence. In the end, even the flying unicorn as an unspoken symbol of the company appears to specify a way.

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